About Me

Sierra Foothills

I continue to live and work in my studio in the Sierra Mountains near Twain-Harte California.  This location gives me 

access to Yosemite National Park, San Francisco and the Pacific Coast, the Eastern Sierra Corridor, and the great states of

Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico where I often photograph and teach photography workshops.  My home in the Sierra's is 

also where I teach print workshops and one on one workshops in my loft studio close to Yosemite .

My first camera, a Ciroflex

When I was young the only thing I needed was my camera and a cigarette, as pictured here on the California coast.  Since then I have dropped the cigarettes but the camera remains, although now a Leica, not a Ciroflex. 

I love teaching photography

Although I maintain the premise that you can't teach someone to be an artist, one can, through ones own experience, help others with less experience to achieve their goals in photography.  This is  very rewarding to me and I spend many hours organizing workshops for The  Leica Camera Akademie of North America, as well as teaching my own workshops.  Being with other photographers, sharing stories and experiences, and learning from others is very satisfying and while I attempt  to inspire others, I find I am just as often  inspired by my students.