american west landscape workshops

Group workshops in the American West's most beautiful locations


America west landscape schedule

Winter in Yosemite

Do you want Yosemite to yourself ?

Highway 395 Corridor

From Mono Lake to Lone Pine we will travel the 395 corridor on the east side of the Sierra Nevada.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Pt Reyes takes you back in time, to a pastoral landscape untouched by modern times.


Stay Tuned For Dates


Stay Tuned For Dates.


Stay Tuned For Dates

One-on-One Workshops

Customize a One on One session

For individual instruction tailored toy your needs I will arrange special workshops from a day to several weeks.  You decide.

One on One workshops are at a day rate plus expenses.

Group workshop content

Why attend a workshop ?

Photography workshops are a great way to improve your photography and enjoy beautiful landscape locations with other like minded photographers. Usually comprised of 8  or fewer photographers, workshops let you concentrate on photography only for an extended periods of time without normal day to day interference.  No matter what your level or what goals you have, workshops are a great source of inspiration from others.2

Creative aspects covered

Your individual are of the utmost concern.  Seeing as the camera sees, establishing a point of view, and defining your creative path are covered. What is the means to your end?  Web presentation? Books? Prints?. How do you develop your own style?  All of this and more will be discussed during the week.

Technical aspects covered

The basics of camera operation such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are recommended be fore taking a workshop.  We will concentrate on the medium of digital photography. Dynamic range, white balance, focus stacking, and multiple exposure will be discussed.  Light, form, color,and framing will be demonstrated and practiced. Strategies for editing and processing will also be covered.


You will spend the majority of the workshop time in the field, working through problems and completing assignments.  Days will be before sunrise and conclude after  sunset.  You will also be downloading and developing photographs on the fly.  Breakfasts are often grab and go, and lunches are in the field as well.  Working out logistic problems is an important aspect of field work in the landscape.


The workshop includes a basic review of developing photographs in a raw converter, whether Lightroom, Photoshop, or other converter.  The review will occupy a 3 hour period to through the tools available in LR and how to get the best out of them.  We will talk about editing and the benefits  of a workflow that suits YOUR needs.  

Guiding Philosophy

I believe that people work best in small groups.  Our classroom is the great outdoors where content is the center of attention and casual conversation often brings revelations and helps to inspire your own work.  Meeting and working with other photographers can be illuminating, rewarding, and insightful.  To that end the workshop may be one of the best ways to lead you on a new and exciting creative path in the great medium of photography.